1. What’s your favorite “True Austin” burger joint?

Joseph - Dan’s Hamburgers (That’s the True Austin Original)

Trinity - Sandy’s!!!!..and dipping the fries in your shake is a MUST!

Neal - Phil’s Ice House (the 78704).

Victoria - Short Stop

Ashleigh - P.Terry’s Chicken Burger + vanilla milkshake!

2. What’s your favorite place in Austin?

Joseph - There is nothing like cruising Lake Austin or Lake Travis (when it’s full) in a boat!!

Trinity - Mayfield Park - Absolutely positively without a doubt.

Neal - State Capitol ( at night).

Victoria - Zilker Park and East 5th/6th St.

Ashleigh - Greenbelt & Lake Austin - anything with water :)

3. Favorite movie of all time?

Joseph - Sandlot and the Little Giants (I’m still a kid at heart)

Trinity - A Knight’s Tale...I can watch it over and over and over...and over...

Neal - Steel Magnolias ;-) “you know I love you more ‘n my luggage”.

Victoria - The Note Book… I know, it's the common chick flick.

Ashleigh - Pretty Woman & Step Mom … I can’t pick just one!

4. If you could have any car in the world, what would it be?

Joseph - A Lamborghini would be amazing!

Trinity - Bumblebee from Transformers!!!

Neal - Hunter green ‘92 Ford Mustang 5.0 LX!

Victoria - First Generation Chevy Blazer

Ashleigh - Burnt Orange 65’ Volkswagen 21 window bus with rag top! Very specific I know :)

5. Favorite thing about your career?

Joseph - Seeing my clients faces when they get their keys and enter the Home they now own!!

Trinity - ALL! From negotiating contracts, to all the wonderful people I meet along the journey!

Neal - That you can never know enough…

Victoria - Meeting new people and making long-lasting relationships. Being apart and helping -clients accomplish their goals/dreams.

Ashleigh - Helping clients find their perfect piece of Austin and a place to call HOME.